How I Do Gel Nail Tip Extensions at Home

A little while ago I mentioned I do my nail extensions myself and some of you guys were interested, so I thought I would film it for you today! 

I do nail tip extensions with gel over top. I'm still very new to doing anything nail related, especially extensions and gel, but, I'm improving every time I do them and today they turned out so much better than any other time so far.
After posting this video, naturally, people who know more about nails than me have reached out and let me know what I'm missing and what I could do differently. I mention at the beginning of the video that I watched my nail technician do my nails and learnt that way by absorbing what I could see, which considering there wasn't a single time I came away from that place without lumpy nails and bleeding fingers, I guess I should have known better, haha. It turns out I need to be using a builder gel where I'm currently just using a base gel and work on building up the apex. Which I think I've kind of been doing anyway but maybe not thick enough or with the right product. 
Now I've been sat here all evening watching nail tutorials and I've become obsessed with learning everything.
I'm probably going to make this video unlisted because I don't want to share any misinformation and would prefer to upload another version when I know more about the technical side of things. But I don't want to delete the video entirely since, for now,  it is technically still how I do my nails and if you're watching it from this blog post then you already know what you should change if you wanted to try it yourself. :)

Base coat, gel polish and top coat are from Madam Glam
Base Coat Gel / Polish Gel (Vintage Pink) / Top Coat Gel

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Cuticle Pusher
Cuticle Nipper
Crystal Ultra Clear Nail Tips
Nail File (180)
Alcohol Wipes *
Cuticle Oil

To remove, I just soak a cotton pad in acetone, wrap it around the nail and then wrap it in foil to keep it in place. Alternatively you can pour the acetone into a dish and soak in that instead.
With these particular gels you should NOT need to file them off your nails. If the gel doesn't come right off after soaking for a few minutes, soak them some more until it does. :)

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