Sweed Lashes - Linda Hallberg Edition

Today I wanted to give a shout out to some lashes I've recently fallen in love with and you'll probably be seeing in plenty of upcoming looks and videos. 

These are the Linda Hallberg Edition false lashes by Sweed. I'm sure she needs no introduction as she's basically royalty in the beauty blogging world, but just in case you don't know her, Linda Hallberg is an amazing makeup artist and blogger who provides fresh and innovative content daily. She's a huge inspiration to me so it's pretty exciting being able to use a product she helped to create. 

Here I alternated between doubles and triples to create a wispy lash effect.

The lashes come in singles, doubles and triples on a clear band. I've never seen lashes like this and I think it's such a great idea. It makes the application so much quicker than using just regular single lashes, and you can achieve a variety of different effects since the lashes are different lengths too. I know plenty of people who cut up regular strip lashes to make application easier, so this might be a product to consider if you struggle with applying false lashes!

£10.99 / Black / Clear Band / Three sizes & lengths