Ciate Pretty Stix

Ciate has been coming out with loads of lovely products recently. Today I wanted to show you one of their latest releases: Pretty Stix, a gorgeous collection of lipstick-balm hybrids.

These lipsticks are infused with an ‘exclusive blend of exotic Brazilian Murumuru butter and Amino Acid’. What does this mean? In skincare and cosmetics, amino acids act as water-binding agents which means they help your skin retain moisture and stay hydrated, as well as helping your skin heal and renew. It can’t hurt to add those into our skin via our cosmetics, right? The Brazilian Murumuru butter then supplies vitamins to the lips, hydrates and also creates a barrier to lock that moisture in from the surface too. (I've been reading up on skincare/ingredients recently, can you tell? Haha.) Needless to say, I was very excited to try these since dry lips are something I struggle with.

First Love / Chick Flick / Me Me Me / Romcom / Heartbreaker

These lipsticks are highly pigmented and apply very intensely and glossy but then fade after an hour or so. In the swatches below, I've shown how it looks when it's first applied straight from the tube and how it looks when it's faded, which is how I've been wearing them mostly since I don't like to retouch my makeup very often.

First Love

Chick Flick

Me Me Me



Tip: If you find that your liquid lipsticks dry out your lips and set into the grooves, you can apply a similar coloured Pretty Stix lipstick over the top of them to rehydrate them and lock in that moisture!

Sweetheart / Innocent / Vintage Blush / BFF / Boho



Vintage Blush



If you're someone who overdraws your lips then I wouldn't recommend wearing these lipsticks without some kind of liner. When they fade the colour clings differently to your skin and your lips so it can look very obvious.

Overall, I really enjoy these lipsticks and I've worn a lot of them so far. They definitely keep my lips feeling and looking hydrated which is exactly what I wanted from them. My favourites are all of the ones in the second set of swatches because I think they fade the most gracefully so they're really easy shades to wear. As always, when I've been sent products, the best question to ask is whether I would repurchase them myself. The answer this time is 100% yes.

£16 / Hydrating / Has beneficial ingredients / Cruelty free


Ciate also came out with Scrub Stix, an exfoliating lip balm with 'micro scrub particles' and a 'blend of seaweed extracts to support rejuvenation'. This does the job of scrubbing off dead skin and it's nice and hydrating so I will definitely use it up but, there's no way I'll be repurchasing a £15 lipbalm. Magical seaweed healing powers or not.

£15 / Hydrating / Has beneficial ingredients / Exfoliating / Wax-free / Cruelty free


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