Video: July/August Favourites

Hello! I've missed your faces. I hope you're all doing well! I'm currently sick and have been for a few weeks now (nothing too serious, don't worry) but I'm at the point now where I've spent so long in bed and sat on my sofa that I barely remember how to do anything else haha. I desperately needed to do something at least slightly productive because I get so antsy when I spend so long doing nothing, so when I was having a good day last week I decided to sit down and film a Favourites video and here it is!

 » July/August Favourites «

Ciate Pretty Stix
Currently £12.50 instead of £16 at Feel Unique!

The Creme Shop Face Masks


Penny Dreadful

Do any of you like watching D&D streams?! 
My Brad is running some awesome campaigns at the moment:
Fractured Worlds  - This has been going on for 18 weeks now so there’s A LOT to catch up on but you can read a summary of the story so far here.
Or if you want to watch the episodes you can watch them here.
Then you can watch live every week on Twitch at 10pm UK time here!

Wolves of Water - This one is pretty new so it should be easier to catch up on. It’s an audio based campaign so it’s nice to have on in the background while you’re doing other things! 
Catch up here. Watch live every Wednesday at 9pm UK time here.

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