Hello, 2017 - Starting a Bullet Journal

It’s a new year so it’s time to start a new planner! During 2016 I had so many ideas and new things I wanted to try. I had these overly ambitious plans of doing full cosplays, fabricating props, doing loads of prosthetic projects, blogging every day, posting two videos a week, learning a new language, working out, cooking at home more, learning to drive, travelling…  And probably way more things that I can’t remember off the top of my head. But because I had SO many things I wanted to do, I ended up feeling really overwhelmed and doing very little instead. It think it was largely due to to how unorganised I was and how poorly I managed my time, so this year I wanted to try a different way of organising my thoughts and plans and I’ve decided to try out the Bullet Journal system!

wtf is a bullet journal?

It can be a journal, planner, diary, memory book, sketchbook, notepad, finance tracker… It’s everything you need in one place and since you're the designer, you can add and take away things as you go until you find a system that works for you. Here is a simple introduction video to bullet journaling made by the creator.

I like to have loads of different planners and lists going at one time but I often misplace them and forget what I had planned and usually find myself playing catch up instead of staying on track because of it. I have yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planning systems, all separate from each other, so I spent yesterday working out how I could put them all into one place. I watched what feels like a thousand bullet journal setup videos on YouTube and decided to start jotting down the systems that I thought would work for me.

Here are some videos I found inspiring ↓

I haven’t actually got any photos of my physical book to show you yet because I’ve already messed up and need to pick up a new one, lol. (The pens I used bled through the pages pretty badly.) So for now I thought I would show you a sneak peek of my plans, at least. I think I probably went a little overboard with planning but I know if I get off to a bad start I won’t end up continuing, so I’m super prepped. I’m ready. Hit me with that bullet journal life.

If this system is something that sticks for me, I will definitely share my progress with you guys!

How do you stay organised? Do you have a bullet journal?

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