Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection Review, Swatches & Looks

WHAT. I had no idea Too Faced was sending this glorious package out to me so it was a nice surprise when I received this baby in the post the other week! After spending some time getting to know the products, today I finally wanted to share my thoughts on everything inside. It feels like forever since my last proper review so here we go!

Products were sent to me for possible review/use but with no obligation to post about them.
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Cruelty Free
Includes some vegan products
Prices range from £16/$19 - £38/$49


Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss - £16 / $19 *

Like with any gloss, you can definitely feel the product on your lips when you're wearing it, but it's not thick or heavy. They are slightly greasy feeling which I'm guessing is due to the peach oil but I don't find them uncomfortable to wear and my lips feel nice and hydrated when I do. 

I'd say the pigmentation is around the mid range and you'll want to keep the tube with you to reapply every now and then. Once applied they sheer out a little so if you're someone without a defined lip shape and definition is something you usually add with your lip products, then you'll probably want to wear a lip liner with some of the lighter shades.

Sweet Peach Glow£34 / $42 *

Here is their illuminating, blushing & bronzing palette. Now you might be thinking, where the f is the pigment? BUT WAIT. This is not your average tin man highlighting kit. Oh no. It's so soft and so beautiful. It's what would typically be described as a 'daytime' product. Unfortunately, because it is so subtle, it's only going to be worth buying if you a have light to medium skin tone. I'm pretty pale, usually the lightest shade of foundations that most brands offer, and I have to build up this product a little for it to show up like in the swatches above. That being said, if you're pale then you're going to love this for work or school or even if you just prefer a softer look. I've seen some people complain about not being able to pick up any of the product on their brushes but I've been using the Sigma F79*, a brush with synthetic bristles, and I haven't had any issues so far.

↑ Sweet Peach Glow kit alone, over top of a BB cream with Tickle-Me-Peach on the lips.

You can also use these as product 'toppers', which is where you would apply them over the top of other products. That's how I would recommend approaching this kit if you're in the medium skin tone range. I really enjoy a shiny/dewy looking base, so popping these over the top of other matte products works really nicely to bring that glow back into the skin without it being too much since there isn't a crazy amount of pigment.

Papa Don't Peach Blush - £25 / $30 *

Papa Don't Peach is an old Too Faced blush shade they've brought back with this collection. It's described as a 'bronzy peach that adds a pop of warmth and a sexy glow to any complexion'. I think this one is going to work with a wider range of skin tones than the previous blush as the colour payoff is much stronger. Would I ever pay £25 for a blush? No way. But I'm glad I have it and will wear the crap out of it for sure.

Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection - £39 / $49 *

I've been loving this palette so far and it's definitely my favourite product in the collection. I actually wanted to buy this when it first came out but wasn't sure I'd like the scent, but more on that later. The colours have so much more to them when swatched or applied vs how subtle many of them look in the palette; Just Peachy, Candied Peach and Bless Her Heart, to name a few. There are definitely some disappointments in there as well; Delectable and Talk Derby to Me look beautiful in the pan but when swatched or applied they're a bit chalky, dull and tend to fade. Talk Derby to Me and Candied Peach also lose most of their glitter once applied, which in CP's case is fine because it's still a gorgeous colour, but TDtM just ends up mostly being a matte black and is probably the biggest let down in the palette since the colour in the pan is so pretty. But 15.5/18 isn't too bad, hey? I think it's a really fun palette that's definitely worth picking up if you're an eyeshadow fan. I never thought I'd be rocking so many peachy/pinky toned looks but here I am a week or so later not reaching for any other palettes. WHO KNEW.

As for how they wear, the first day I had a ridiculous amount of creasing and I was so confused because I've never had issues with Too Faced eyeshadows before. (Their Chocolate Bar palette is one of my all time favourites.) Initially I thought it was because I'd worn Peaches 'n Cream as a base shadow and maybe I'd applied too much and it was affecting the shadows sitting on top. However, after a bit of trial and error, I realised it was actually because I'd worn Candied Peach across the lid but I'd built it up far too much while trying to try transfer more of the glitter. So keep that in mind! Otherwise, I've had no other issues and get a full day of wear out of them no problem.

Now I know I'm going to get asked if everything does indeed smell and taste like peaches but... I've never tried or seen a real life peach up close so I have absolutely no idea hahaha. Everything definitely smells like something delicious though, so I guess so! The second you open up the products there is a pretty strong and sickly smell but after the initial scent explosion I don't find it to be too bad and it's unnoticeable once you're wearing them. :)

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