I'm Back! New Blogs?

*Blows the dust off this blog* 

HEY! It's been a long time since I last posted on here and I'm so excited to finally have things to write about again and be in a position with my health where I feel like I can make a comeback. Before I get right back into the looks and reviews, I wanted to quickly update you on some changes I've made around here. If you've watched my latest Chit Chat video then you're already caught up. If not... I've made two new blogs! 'But Emma... You can't keep up with one, what's wrong with you?' Hear me out...

I’ve been trying to juggle beauty, fashion, lifestyle, creative/sfx makeup, crafting (and probably more things I can't remember) the whole time I’ve been running a YouTube channel and blog. For a long time now I've felt hesitant about posting all the content in one place since I know not everyone is interested in all of those things. Not everyone who wants to see my beauty makeup and reviews are interested in how I made a prop eyeball or horror look or visa versa. I feel like most people would probably say ‘It’s your blog, post what you want!’ Which I appreciate and did do for a while, but I'm a very finicky person when it comes to this type of thing - I like things to have their own place and follow a theme, so I'm hoping that separating the content will help my brain a little and make me feel less nervous about posting since I'll know I'm sending out the right kind of content to the right audience.

I could have done the split via tags or categories but when you follow a blog via another app, like Bloglovin' for example, you don't have the option to follow a tag or a category, you just follow the whole site. The clean split also just helps me mentally and it means I have the option to move each blog to their own website in the future if I wanted to.

So which one should you follow?

b e a u t y

For beauty related content like makeup looks, product reviews and skincare you'll want to follow the blog you're on now.

c r e a t i v e

Creative is the blog you’ll want to follow if you want to join me on my character/sfx makeup, cosplay and crafting adventures. 

d i a r y

Finally, you can follow my online diary for memories, life updates and chitchat. I’m a bit of a homebody so don't expect too many exciting adventures! But if you’re interested in what I'm getting up to in my personal life then come on over.

All of these blogs are hosted on emmapickles.uk so all of my content will still be in the same place and can be found under the different tabs at the top. Now it’s just easier for you follow whatever kind of content interests you the most! :)

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