My Top 5 Beauty Finds of 2017


Today I wanted to share some of my favourite beauty finds from 2017 with you. Not necessarily new releases from 2017, but products that were new to me. I’d planned to do this as a video but after filming half of it I realised I was just repeating all of my favourites videos from throughout the year almost product for product. Instead I’ve challenged myself to narrow it down to only 5 products to see where my loyalty and love really lies. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be!

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Klairs Mochi BB Cushion / $26.90

Yep. I'm still wearing and loving this product! If you've seen me wearing makeup in a photo or video then there's a 99% chance I'm wearing this on my skin. It looks like skin, it cancels out my redness, it's buildable, it's comfortable, it lasts much longer than any other cushion I've tried so far. Naturally it does crease in typical areas if you don't set it but with a powder you're good to go. AND. When you've used up all the product, instead of throwing away a perfectly good compact and mirror, you can dispose of the puff and cushion, clean the compact out and refill it - I just refilled mine which is why it looks pristine and unused, there was no way I was showing you my grotty old puff lol. You can buy refill kits for only $9 (!!!) and inside you get two cushions, two puffs and two sachets of product so you can just refresh your compact without creating any unnecessary waste. It's awesome! I'd like to see more of this kind of stuff introduced over here.

Labiotte Wine Lipsticks / £12

These lipsticks very quickly became some of my favourite lipsticks of all time. I love myself a liquid lipstick but it's been a nice change going back to some more traditional formulas. These particular ones ('Fitting' formula) have a matte finish and a formula that makes the lips look smoother. The pigmentation is great so they can be worn as a solid all over colour or more subtly blended out with the built in sponge in the lid. They do a pretty good job at staying on throughout the day, even throughout meals and will fade gracefully from the middle of the lips without getting crusty. They also work well with balms or gloss over top/underneath if you wanted more shine. I'm a big fan!

EM Cosmetics Illustrative Eye Liner - Felt Tip / Brush Tip / $15

If you'd told me last year I would be featuring something other than a gel eyeliner here I wouldn't have believed you, but hey here we are! Since these arrived they're the only liners I've really been wearing and I've gone through two of each kind so far. One has a felt tip and the other has a brush tip. I tend to apply the liner across my lid with the felt tip and then perfect the wing with the brush tip as the point is a bit finer so I can get the wings nice and sharp. The formula is lovely. It's the darkest one I own. When it dries it stays in place without transferring, looking shiny or flaking off throughout the day. It's everything I want from an eyeliner and I'm hoping they release more shades this year!

Illamasqua Broken Gel - Gold / Silver / £19 currently reduced to £13.30

These are a pretty recent discovery of mine but I fell in love with them immediately and had to include them on this list. I often don't bother with glitter on the eyes because I'm too lazy and can't be bothered with the mess most of the time, but this product makes it easy. After applying a shimmery shadow on the lid I will dab this over top and after letting it dry for a few seconds, bam I'm done. Every time I wear one of them I'm always showing it off to people and asking them if they've 'seen my eye sparkles?!'. When you blink and the flakes catch the light it looks beautiful. It doesn't crease and it doesn't flake off (unless you go crazy and apply loads of layers, which is completely unnecessary). Just make sure when you apply it you're applying thin coats and dabbing it on so you don't wipe off the product underneath.

Carmex Lip Balm / £2.69 currently reduced to £1.79

Now I know a lip balm might seem undeserving of a top spot but stay with me. If you've been around for a while you might remember that I always used to complain about how dry and flaky my lips were. But you might have noticed that I haven't mentioned it for quite a while… This product is why. I apply it just before I go to sleep then I wake up with nicely moisturised and full lips instead of lips that are cracked, bleeding and sad. It hasn't solved the problem of dry lips, I think they will always be that way naturally, but it keeps the problem at bay. I have the cherry flavour but I recently picked up the sugar plum flavour to try out next. Fingers crossed it smells and tastes as good as it sounds. 

What were your favourite products of 2017? :)

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