My Favourite Pretty Vulgar Products

Since posting my Pretty Vulgar haul the other week I’ve been trying out their products and I think I’ve finally decided on some favourites. Honestly, I liked all of the products I tried but these are the ones that stood out to me the most and I’ve already moved them into my current makeup rotation. I’ve also picked the winners for my giveaway! :)

price range of featured products: $22 - $32 / cruelty-free / vegan / products supplied by brand & links are affiliate links

The Ink Gel Eyeliner (Black List / Dear Diary) / $24

The product I was most excited to try was The Ink Gel Eyeliner. I have the grey and the black so I tried this subtle gradient wing. The formula was nice to use. I applied it with an angled brush and was able to get lovely clean edges, without needing to sharpen afterwards with a concealer, thanks to the creamy formula. (The wing in the photo above is completely unedited.) I found the consistency was slightly on the thinner side and the first layer wasn’t as pigmented as I would’ve liked it to be so I applied more over top to get rid of any patchiness. That being said, the product can be layered easily. It didn’t do that thing some gel liners do where it lifts and crumbles if you apply more over top of a dried layer. I ran my finger over the liner as a smudge test and with a bit of pressure they do smudge slightly, but for average wear I don’t think that’s is an issue. I haven’t noticed any transfer to my upper lid or anything which is good enough for me. However, they do recommend setting the gel with a similar coloured eyeshadow to prevent transferring and prolong wear if those are things you’re having issues with.

The grey shade (Dear Diary) I would recommend for sure. It’s an interesting colour while still being super wearable and I think that coupled with the style of the pot definitely makes it worth the price for me. Quality-wise I do think there are plenty of other gel liners out there of similar quality, so I personally wouldn't bust out $24 for the black shade unless I was absolutely desperate for that packaging.

The Feathers Mascara / $24

As a bit of a disclaimer, I do have naturally long lashes so I’m often not that disappointed by mascaras, but they don't usually stand out to me either. This one however happened to be love at first sight and I just featured it in my latest Friday Favourites post over on my diary blog. Since I already have the length I’m always looking for mascaras to add volume and this one didn’t disappoint. I noticed straight away the formula was nice and thick and held the curl of the lashes, making the lashes look even longer still. The next thing I noticed was how BLACK this mascara is. It’s buildable, it didn’t transfer to my upper or lower lids like many others do, and I didn’t find it flaking off and leaving black spots on my cheeks throughout the day. The packaging is also adorable with that lil birdy on the top! Probably my favourite out all of the products I received and one of the best mascaras I've tried in a while.

Pretty Vulgar Poisonous Pout Plumping Lipgloss

Poisonous Pout Plumping Lipgloss (Karma) / $22

Out of all the lip products I tried, the lipgloss was definitely my favourite. As you can see, it's very pigmented with high shine. I don't have a very defined lip shape so I always appreciate when products have enough colour to add definition without me having to reach for another product to complete the look, and that's definitely the case here. It's a thick gloss so naturally there is slight stickiness but nothing too uncomfortable and I haven't found that it transfers onto my teeth or bleeds out, but that's usually the case for darker shades and I don't have any of them to report back on. I wouldn't say there is much of a plumping effect, but that's not something that ever seems to work for me anyway. There is definitely that tingly, fresh feeling when you apply due to the ingredient Menthone Glycerin Acetal, an ingredient often used products to give the feeling of 'something' happening. I also really like the smell/flavour of this product - it's slightly citrusy but not overpowering. Tasty!

I realised I never tested how waterproof these products are so here is a photo I took after running water over dried swatches. When wet, the product didn't move at all, only when I ran a finger over the swatches in the second photo did they start to smear. The liners barely budged though!


Overall I’m pretty happy recommending Pretty Vulgar as a brand! I'm pleased with the quality of the products I tried but I do feel like the prices are a little mismatched for some of them. It’s not featured in this post but they have a $24 tinted lip balm which is just... bizarre to me. But on the other hand, they have 9-pan eyeshadow palettes for $35 which is a great price. My guess is the packaging bumps up the prices a little, but I feel like a lot of people would be fine with that considering the packaging is very unique and would easily feel at home in any makeup lover’s collection. I’ve enjoyed wearing all the products I hauled, I’m happy to have some new things in my daily makeup rotation and you can never have too many vegan and cruelty free brands! Will you be trying any of their products?

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