Cannibal Clown / Makeup Tutorial

It's been YEARS since my last creepy clown look so I thought it was about time I fixed that. Meet Cannibal the Clown! I used a cotton and latex build up technique so it's a very easy look to achieve while still looking really effective. Since the latex is applied all over the face, you should also be able to pull it all off in one go and have a mask left over! You can keep it and display it or even reapply it at a later date, which would be ideal for a repeated costume. Mine is currently hanging in my office making me jump every time I catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye haha.

The whole way through filming this video I had this horrible feeling I had accidentally ripped off someone else's look and even after searching around and seeing nothing similar, I was still hesitant to post it. BUT. I've finally worked it out - the mouth reminds me of Ryuk from Death Note. Do you see it?! That's a look I'd really like to try one day too.

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Sigma Eye Pencil (Unclouded)
Sigma Lip Base (Indulgent)
Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Liner (Mrs. Mia Wallace)
Mehron Makeup Pro ColoRing - Bruise (Bloody Rose / Midnight Sky)
Mehron Clown White
Rigid Collodion
KY Jelly

Mehron Paradise AQ Pro 30 Color Face Paint Palette (Black / White / Storm Cloud - used dry as shadow)

Mehron Liquid Latex + Cotton Wool
Multimorph Polymorph Mouldable Plastic Pellets *
Grimas Tooth Enamel (Nicotine *)
Gums: Pros Aide + Mehron Paradise AQ Pro 30 Color Face Paint Palette (Red)
KY Jelly

Mehron Paradise AQ Pro 30 Color Face Paint Palette (Red)
Mehron Blood Splatter Spray
Mehron Stage Blood (Bright Arterial)

Curly Red Clown Wig *


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