IT 2017 - Pennywise / Makeup, Hair & Teeth

Man oh man did I love me some Pennywise in the new IT movie. I enjoyed everything about him from the character design to how creepily endearing he was, right down to the lovely Bill Skarsgård underneath all that makeup. I hadn't read the book or seen the previous version before I went to go watch it and honestly I went mostly for makeup research purposes. But the second he appeared in that storm drain and spoke... My heart melted and I spent the whole movie looking forward to his next scene and dying to get home and download the book. Brad's poor arm must have been numb by the end of the movie from all the mini excitement-punches I threw his way while watching lol.

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Mehron Liquid Latex
Mehron Clown White
Mehron Colorset Powder
Mehron Paradise AQ Pro 30 Color Face Paint Palette (White / Red / Storm Cloud - also used dry as shadow)


Orange anime wig *
(Photos & making process below)

Temporary Cosmetic False Tooth DIY Kit *
+ tea for colouring
(Photos & making process below)

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I noticed a few people asking if I could talk about the construction of the wig a little more, so here are some screenshots from the first time I tried this look. Just so you know what I'm applying the hair onto in the photos below - I originally made the head shape by building up cotton and latex over a baldcap while it was off my head. I don't recommend doing that, though. Instead, use the technique I used in the video with the cotton inside the baldcap, then follow the process below but apply the wig pieces onto the baldcap (with Pros Aide or Spirit Gum) while you're wearing it instead of trying to do it off of the head.

I used this orange wig * I bought on Amazon. I ordered two for safety but you should only need one.

I cut the wig up into sections. There was no rhyme or reason to how I cut them, I just needed smaller pieces that would be lightweight and easy to stick down.

The fibres of the wig were flicked out already so I used that to my advantage - I placed the wig pieces so the hair was flicking outwards/upwards to help with the styling later on.

I used backcombing to lift and direct the hair outwards and upwards and kept it in place with LOADS of hairspray. The best hairspray I've found for styling wigs so far is the Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray.

I cut a smaller section of the wig out for the peak at the front of the head. Then I laid some loose hairs around the edges to make the hairline look a little bit more natural. The hair is nowhere near what his is actually like in the film but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out anyway! It's almost like a more stylised animu version.

The process of making the teeth was a little bit more tricky to get photos of because there's very limited time to work with the thermoplastic before it cools down and sets.

I used this Temporary Cosmetic False Tooth DIY Kit * which comes with instructions on how to use it but basically you put the plastic pellets into hot water (I added a teabag to my water to discolour the plastic slightly) until they turn clear, then you have a short amount of time to mould the plastic into your desired shape. They can be reheated and reshaped as many times as you like though, so no pressure! On my first attempt I only covered the front two teeth but they stuck out too far and looked way too goofy, so I ended up making another set that covered the first four teeth instead.

I made a thin base over my front four teeth first and let that set. Then I took pieces of the plastic and cut them into the shape of the teeth while it was heated and moldable, let them set, then attached them to the base. To attach them to the base I added a bit of heat to the back of the tooth and the front of the base, then when pressed together the surfaces meld and once it sets it becomes one piece. I actually found this bit easier to do by heating a small metal spatula and using that to heat the surfaces rather than submerging the pieces in hot water and risking losing the shapes I'd already created.

I hope that helps you out! If you have any more questions about any part of this look, please feel free to ask away! :)

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