The Punisher Skull / Makeup Tutorial

For today's video I took The Punisher Skull and put it on my face! Like with every Marvel release on Netflix, Brad and I binged through the whole series the day it came out. We've been looking forward to The Punisher show ever since he appeared in Daredevil and oh baby it didn't disappoint. There's a scene towards the end (no spoilers) where he has the logo spray painted on his body armour and there are bullets and blood and the second I saw it I turned to Brad with the face of the heart eyes emoji and said I had to make this into a video somehow.

The white paint on top of black paint was a bit of a challenge and I tried a couple of ways to do it: I tried painting on the black base and painting the white right on top but of course that just turned into a big grey mess. I tried painting the black base and then removing the areas that would be white with a wipe before adding the white on top, which did actually work quite nicely but it was too clean, I realised I needed some of the grey smudge for that worn paint effect. So finally I ended up using the technique I used in the video where I started with the white, added the black around the edges, controlled the amount of overlap and grey smudging keeping it limited to the edges, then finished with the crisp white on top. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! After adding some drips and splatters I think it really passes as spray paint!

NYX Jumbo Pencil (Milk)
Mehron Paradise AQ Pro 30 Color Face Paint Palette (White / Black / Red)
Sigma Extended Wear Eye Liner (Boost) + Urban Decay Eyeshadow (Blackout)
Sigma Eye Liner Pencil (Nutmeg)
Mehron Metallic Powder (Bronze) + Mehron Mixing Liquid
Mehron Blood Splatter Spray
Mehron Stage Blood (Bright Arterial)

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