Catching Up

Hello it’s me, your friendly neighbourhood Perpetually Sick Boy™.
I’m sick for the second time in three weeks so today I’m inviting you over for a chit chat and a catch up. (Don’t worry, I won’t sneeze on you... I promise.) Soup and bad daytime TV is also welcome.

It’s been a little while since the G-Dragon concert but it was one of the best experiences of my life and I’m still not quite over it so I definitely wanted to write about it here. My friend Noodle and I had bought tickets and booked a hotel for the weekend ages ago but then the opportunity came up to go on artist complimentary tickets with Marzia and Felix, so of course we said yes! We met a lovely YG rep and his girlfriend, who we spent the event with, along with some other invited guests. He asked if I knew any of G-Dragon's music and I didn't know whether I was supposed to expose my inner fan girl or play it cool since the other guests didn’t seem too familiar. I paused for a second while I remembered that the background on my phone is G-Dragon, I had two Big Bang lightsticks in my bag, and last year when Spotify sent out the emails showing your most listened to artists I was in the top 1% of G-Dragon listeners HAHAHA.

We started off at the back of the concert hall but halfway through we were taken down to the pit at the front. It was so hot and gross and I had to fend off a few hypos with glucotabs but it was SO worth it. I didn’t need to watch him perform through the screens anymore, I could just see him right there in front of me. At the end of the show he came off stage to sing Untitled 2014 right next to the barrier railing and we to managed to sneak a peek of him through the crowd. It was a dream come true.

I did it! I worked my absolute butt off and made some cool Halloween videos I’m very proud of. I had so many other looks planned but I definitely overestimated how much work I could do in such a short amount of time and that’s what made me sick the first time. I’m very slow at making videos and always have been, so towards the end I had traded full sleeps for naps instead just to get all the work done in time. I actually ended up staying awake for three days at one point lol. So silly, I know. I definitely paid the price, though! I spent the week after my Halloween videos sleeping for upwards of 14 hours per day and I felt a hell of a lot like I did before I ended up in the hospital earlier on this year. Brad and I were pretty worried and I was just about to go back to the doctor for blood tests to make sure everything was okay but then things started getting better.

Then it was Marzia’s birthday and she rented out a beautiful place in Kent to celebrate in. I was nervous to go since it was an overnight thing and I’m still struggling with my blood sugar and insulin, but I wanted to be there for my girl. It was also nice to see friends I don’t get to see very often. We had a meal together, played some games and of course we watched a horror movie. You don’t get to see Marzia and Felix without a horror movie being part of the deal. ;)

A couple of weeks ago I woke up one morning to find Brad loitering around suspiciously in my office and a cage waiting for me by my desk. I just figured we were pet sitting the hedgehog for Marzia and Felix again but then I saw the card and the bag of pet supplies with a ribbon attached. Inside the cage was a baby hamster friendo! Marzia and I had been to look at hamsters together before, so she knew I wanted one. She even remembered that I wanted a male Syrian and that’s exactly what she got for me! I love him so much already. I’ve had 7 hamsters in my lifetime but haven’t had any pets of my own since moving away from home so I’m very excited to be a hamster momma again! I'll introduce you to him in my next Chit Chat video!

And that brings you up to speed! If I'm honest I've been feeling a little down lately. I'm fed up with being sick all the time and non of my plans following through. I've been almost consistently sick with something or other since around June 2016 and it's definitely taken on a toll on not only me but my work as well. I have so many ideas and things I want to do and every time I'm ready to sit down and start a project, life seems to throw another pile of shit in my face. Back in January I told myself 2017 was going to be 'my year' but I feel like all I've done is watch precious time run away from me. I fear if I keep giving myself 'just one more day to feel better' then I'm never going to get anything done again and I won't have any audience to come back to. So tomorrow I'm filming a Chit Chat video, stuffy nose or not. I'll upload in a few days so keep an eye out for that.

I miss you.
- Emma x 

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