A little while ago I went on a quick trip to Amsterdam with Marzia. This was our first trip alone together and it was lots of fun! Brad and Felix were supposed to come with us but there were some last minute scheduling issues which meant it ended up being just us girls instead. This post and video is long overdue but you guys know I've been going through some health poop lately so I hope that late is better than never!

We arrived at around 5pm so our first day was short. We checked into our hotel where we both instantly fell in love with the vibe and the decor. Marzia picked out the hotel as the trip was actually a Christmas gift (thank you Marzia!) and I loved my stay there. So much so that I'm actually considering switching up some furniture items in my house to adopt a similar theme and style.

That evening we headed out to grab dinner. We kept walking until we found somewhere we wanted to eat, which ended up being a delicious Italian restaurant in Rembrandt Square. 

The next day was HOT. We expected rain all week so the 29°C weather was definitely a surprise. We didn't really dress for the weather but we survived! Lots of juice and hiding in the shade. At this point I was also unknowingly battling ketoacidosis and legit dehydration and the amount of sugary drinks I was downing definitely didn't help much! It makes me shudder to think about lol. 

This day we had planned to go see Anne Frank's house but we didn't anticipate how long the queues would be. With the heat, queuing wasn't really an option so instead we just looked at the building from the outside. We even tried again the next day but I think it's something you need to plan and book ahead of time. I would have liked to have seen inside, but I also plan to go back to Amsterdam with Brad one day, so I will make sure to see it then!

We went to Magic Lady, a fluorescent art instalment, created by the couple who ran the museum. They had collected so many naturally fluorescent rocks and items which used fluorescent paints from all over the world, so when the lights went down we were surrounded by glowing rocks and paintings and it was a whole new world. At first I was a little freaked out about being locked in a cellar with a stranger with no lights on. But he was a lovely guy. I've never known anyone so passionate about fluorescent rocks and paint and I feel like I learnt something new.

In the evening we went to the Red Light District because it's just something you have to see when you visit Amsterdam, right? We didn't really know what to expect but once we were there and walking around all that anxiety went away. (Just remember to keep an eye on your bags.) It's a surreal experience seeing a half naked lady in a glass box shaking her boobies in your face as you walk by. Everywhere you looked there would be a bar or a sign for a live sex show. It felt like a teenager’s computer come to life. It was weird. Not bad. Just different to anywhere else I've ever been before. Keep your wits about you and take and friend and you'll have a fun ol time. The lights were beautiful, and the women too!

Our last day we spent wandering around and visiting some museums. I was happy we got to visit the Van Gogh museum and see all the paintings I studied in school up close and personal. It actually made me feel quite nostalgic and miss my old art classes. We also visited a sex museum. Perusing photos of orgies, fetishes and an array of different sized dingles isn't exactly something I ever thought I would be doing with Marzia but here we were. Many giggles were giggled that day.

Unfortunately Marzia and I were both pretty sick before we went, so we had to take it slow and we definitely missed out on a few things. But that's okay! It was still so much fun and we can't wait to go on many more little trips together.

Have you ever visited Amsterdam? Where should we visit next? :)

- Emma x

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