Happy weekend! Do you have any fun plans?

This weekend is hardcore Halloween planning for me. I'm also hoping to finish editing up my Q&A video and get that uploaded at some point. If you can't tell, I've yet to master the art of taking a weekend off. I think because my work, hobbies and passions overlap so strongly I never fully switch off. It's more like turning down a dimmer switch. I don't mind it at the moment though! After taking so much time off for my health recently, I'm absolutely itching to get back into the swing of things! Here are some little snippets from the past week or so.

Marzia came by the flat and left me some gifts while I was sick recently. She gifted me some pieces from her Limone collection and I've been living in this sweatshirt ever since. I haven't had a chance to wear the pants yet but they're so different. I can't wait to style them. 

There was also this delightful little mug. I actually kept the box it came in and put it in a frame on my bookcase lol.

HNNGGHHHH. Guess who got her first piece of G-Dragon merchandise? Hehehe. I have all of his albums downloaded but this is the first physical one I've ever bought. He's performing in London in September and I can't wait to see him. He's my favourite... everything. I can't think about it too much without turning into a giggly mess.

I still have this song on repeat every single day. 

Gamescon is going on at the moment and for the past few days Brad and I have been watching the PUBG tournament on Twitch. Brad snapped this photo and was laughing at how we spend 90% of our time with something related to this game on our screens lately. I haven't even had the chance to play it properly yet! I'm either modding Brad's chat room while he's playing on stream or busy watching other people play it haha.

Time for Halloween planning!
Have a fab weekend.

- Emma x

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