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I haven’t kept a diary since I was little! I remember starting loads of them and then never having anything to write about other than school and my latest crush. I’m hoping this one will be more successful but I feel like it might be similar... Just switch out school for work and crush for kpop bias. I haven’t really decided what I want to talk about on here yet but it'll probably just end up being a little bit of everything! I’ll just check in every now and then when I have something to share. :)

I met with my diabetes care team yesterday and they told me I'm doing really well with my management which was SO encouraging to hear because I've felt overwhelmed and had some crazy readings lately. I'm still in what they call the 'honeymoon phase', where my pancreas is still able to produce some insulin, which makes working out the amount of insulin I need to take with my meals etc a bit of a nightmare. AND last week I was ill, which can cause your blood glucose levels to soar. I've been really nervous about getting sick since a simple cold for me is now no longer simple. But I conquered my first sickness and feel like I've levelled up in my diabetes knowledge skill!

I’m so excited to finally get back to making stuff this week. I’ve done the odd bit of blog prep and video planning but haven’t really done much since I got the betus and had my booby cut open. It’s been lots of sleeping and food prep and that’s about all I’ve had the energy for. I’m glad things are finally starting to get back to normal now and I can get back to being creative and hopefully earning some much needed dollar after taking a few months off lol.

- Emma x

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