Halloween Cyborg Hedgehog

I got myself a new toy and I'm one step closer to being a cyborg!

Today was my first day trying a Continuous Glucose Monitoring system and I am SO EXCITED. Until now I’ve been using the results from my finger prick tests throughout the day to try work out what’s going on in my blood. Since I can’t be stabbing my fingers every five minutes, I'm only working with around 8-10 readings a day which makes it really hard to see the full picture. This sensor stays on my arm for two weeks at a time and I can get a reading whenever I want just by placing my reader near it! It stores 8 hours of data which means I can even see what’s been happening overnight. It also tells me whether my levels are stable, falling or rising and how quickly, which is incredibly useful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done a test before bed and my level was fine, only to brush my teeth and 20 minutes later end up low and in desperate need of Lucozade and biscuits, then having to go through the whole rigmarole of getting ready for bed again. I can't wait to see how I get on with this little guy!

(Btw, don't you think the photo of the flowers in the plastic bag looks like a watercolour painting of flowers in water?!)

Earlier today, Marzia and I met up to run some errands together. We went food shopping, picked up some meds from the pharmacy and I bought a bunch of Halloween supplies. This year I’ve managed to snag myself a really cool deal with a company who will be supplying me with all the makeup I need for my Halloween videos! I have all of my videos planned and props bought, so I’m just waiting on the box of makeup goodies to arrive and I can get started.

Oh! I finally met Dogy, Marzia and Felix’s new little hedgehog friendo. I've never seen a hedgehog in real life before, until today. They have the cutest little twitchy noses!

I'm off to play Cities: Skylines and watch some streams now. Goodnight!

- Emma x

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