Friday Favourites

Another week, another Friday Favourites. Here are some things I've been enjoying this week!

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Zebra Mildliners
The other week I had Bullet Journal setup videos playing on my second screen for around 7 hours (let me tell you.... there is no such thing as 'just one BuJo video') and something I noticed is how popular these pens are. I finally caved and bought a 15 colour set from Amazon and they didn't disappoint. My favourite set is definitely the one with the cool colours.

I actually just posted my 2018 Bullet Journal Setup video if you're interested in seeing how I'm getting on with mine so far!


Block B are one of my favourite groups and the first ever K-pop group I got to see live. They just released a new song and sweet sensual melodic rapping christ... The whole thing is absolutely stunning, but that one Zico line where he just slips right into my ear holes with that beautiful voice... Oh my.


I forgot to mention this last week but Marzia gifted me this bracelet from her fine jewellery line! I love it. I wanted to buy a few pieces for myself anyway but couldn't at the time and missed out as it was unfortunately a limited run. It was actually Marzia's cousin that made all of the orders which I think is just lovely. Like I mentioned, the collection is no longer available, but I just had to mention it and show you how beautiful it is anyway.


Speaking of Mertzipoop, last weekend she posted a video where she challenged me, Sophie and Emma Blackery to pick out some clothes for her to try on and guess who picked which outfit. It was a really fun day and the video turned out great. Can you guess which one I picked from the thumbnail? ;) I'm sure you can.


That's all from me this week! I've had a very weird week with sleeping issues and sleeping/waking up at weird times. With the small amount of daylight at the moment too I wake up and I don't know whether it's day or night or what the date even is. Hopefully next week will have a bit more structure and I won't feel so sleepy and lost. Next week I have a diabetic review appointment with my doctor and I think they want to check my electrolytes along with a bunch of other things, so I should have more answers then. :)

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