Friday Favourites

Maybe doing these Friday Favourites posts wasn't the best idea... I've never been so aware of how fast time flies! I'm back again with another round of favourites from this week! I was supposed to be spending the day with my ladyfriends but my sleeping never improved from last week and I didn't manage to sleep until the middle of the day, so I didn't want to be the tired moody boy in the corner lol. Do you have any fun plans? :)

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Pretty Vulgar - The Feathers Mascara / $24

I'm going to speak about these Pretty Vulgar products a bit more in my next post on my beauty blog, but basically this mascara is SUPER DARK, adds a nice amount of volume to the lashes while holding the curl, and it’s long-wearing without leaving those lil crumbly boys all over the cheeks throughout the day. I'm liking it a lot so far!


Pretty Vulgar - The Ink Gel Eyeliner (Dear Diary) / $24

Definitely another one of the top products from Pretty Vulgar out of the ones I've tried. I feel like I've always been pretty lucky with gel liners and never really tried a bad one, so for me this is just as good as all the others. Formula-wise I'd maybe liken it to a fresh pot of Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, which was my first gel liner and go-to for a long time. The thing that stands out to me with this product, however, is the packaging and the gorgeous shade Dear Diary. It's a grey, which at first sounds like it might not be that easy to pull of but I found it super wearable! It was dark enough to make me feel comfortable like I was wearing my usual wing but it was also interesting looking enough for me to keep taking a cheeky peek at it in the mirror and blinking at my friends and asking if they've seen it.

Here I'm wearing Dear Diary on the inner half and Black List on the wing.


Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner / £7.95

I’m ashamed to admit it but I haven’t been using a toner for months because the one I usually use is almost 20 quid and I’m scared of January taxes so I’ve been avoiding my skin care responsibilities lol. I happened to see this one while food shopping and noticed it was vegan, cruelty free and has less than 10 ingredients - all of which I could pronounce and recognised. Good start! I’m not very good at talking about skincare because I don’t feel like I know enough about it. All I know is I like this and it works for me. I can feel a difference after I apply it - when I apply my follow up products they apply much easier over the surface and my skin eats them up. I'm definitely considering picking up more of this brand so will let you know if I do!


JBJ - My Flower

JBJ (which I can’t help but read as Jon Bon Jovi, lmao) are back! They’re a fan-imagined group made from some of the contestants from the latest season Produce 101. I watched this season as it aired so I was just as invested as everyone else this time round and it was nice to be caught up in the hype. JBJ actually ended up having more of the people I was rooting for than the group that ended up winning, so I’m really happy they’re getting recognition and success and I get to see more of them together. I’m also really happy for Kim Sanggyun or A-Tom as I've know him. He’s part of a group called Topp Dogg who I’ve been a fan of from the very beginning and they’ve had such a rough time and never really got the exposure they deserved. So this makes my heart happy. (Also, my bias is Noh Taehyun and yes I like Hotshot, for those of you who are curious. ;) Jelly was one of my songs of the year for 2017!)

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