Friday Favourites

Happy almost-weekend! Do you have any fun plans? I promised myself I would start taking the weekends off completely and only watch tv and play games but I'm already breaking my own rules and using the weekend to get ahead on work, oopsies.

Here are some things I’ve been loving lately!


I promise I'll stop talking about these eventually but I've been living in these glittery eye gels from Illamasqua recently. I don’t really make an effort to suit my makeup to the season but these happen to be super festive. They look especially beautiful in the evenings as the flakes catch the light and make the lids sparkle as you blink.

Illamasqua Broken Gel - Gold / Silver (affiliate links) £19 currently reduced to £13.30
This accidentally out of focus photo below shows you the sparkle - It almost looks like those edits beauty gurus do where they add the stars lmao. They’re currently on sale and Illamasqua tends to be quite pricey, so if you’re interested then now might be a good time to treat yo’self!


Here are some of my favourite songs I’ve added to my playlist recently:

It’s always exciting after a season of Show Me the Money ends and you start seeing the contestants releasing music. One of my favourites, Woo Won Jae, was on Prison Playbook’s soundtrack recently and I can’t get enough of his voice and style.


Speaking of Prison Playbook... It’s a show you might have seen pop up on Netflix recently. I’m not caught up yet but I’m really enjoying it so far. I've been trying to avoid starting new dramas until I finish the ones I'm already watching since the episodes are usually movie length, but Netflix kept tempting me with this one so I clicked on it to 'just see what it's about' and now I'm hooked and spend my day looking forward to sitting down and watching the next episode.

I’ve watched a disgusting amount of TV lately but my favourite thing I’ve watched has to be Reggie Yates’ Extreme, a two season documentary series on Netflix. He visits South Africa, Russia, the US and the UK and covers a range of social, political and racial issues. One of the episodes that stood out to me was Season 1 Episode 4 - Russia: Far Right & Proud. He went to a nationalist march in Russia where certain groups targeted him with hate for the colour of his skin and I found myself scared for him but in absolute awe and admiration of him exposing these ugly realities at the same time. The topics he covers are rough but it was a fascinating insight into lots of issues around the world. Definitely worth the watch!


And of course I have to mention my Sims family. Let me catch you up on the story so far...

 I started off with my girl Tarot who quickly fell in love with vampire Count Vladislaus Straud IV after he broke into her apartment and drank her blood a few times in the night. Cute, right? Eventually he turned her into a vampire but they slowly started drifting apart due to alignment issues - he was Evil and she was Good.

A little while later, just like *cough* completely planned fate, beautiful Areum moved into town next door to one of my old Sims, Abel, who also happened to be Tarot's best friend. Now... I like my Sims to meet naturally so I usually hope to bump into them in a cafe or something, but ingame WEEKS went by without a trace of him. By this point my God Hand was itching but I refrained from interfering for a bit longer. Finally Abel invited Tarot out to a food festival and guess who happened to be there... BEAUTIFUL AREUM. They ended up eating at the same table, it was the perfect natural meeting. Fast forward through the awkward relationship cross over stage and Tarot and Areum are now dating. (Tarot and Vlad are still best friends, don't worry - he tried to kiss her once in front of her new squeeze, but Areum slapped him and he got the picture pretty quickly.)

Now Tarot and Areum live together with their cats, My Son (who I named this as a joke so I could send a printscreen to my friend but then I forgot to rename him) and Pingu who had kittens, Nimbus and Bean. They quickly found out having four cats was too much to handle, so Pingu and Nimbus now live with Auntie Abel and her girlfriend Aspen (who is actually an alien).

Are you keeping up? ;) Areum is now focusing on his music career while Tarot runs her own restaurant.
This is probably the longest I've played the same Sim. Usually I build a house and move them in and I'm ready to move onto the next, but I'm so in love with these guys! Soon they will have to face the problems of a human/vampire relationship - will Areum turn and live forever with Tarot, or will Tarot take the cure and grow old with Areum? Will they have kids? WILL THE KIDS BE VAMPIRES?! I'm so invested. Tune in next for for The Tales of Tareum. Lmao. 

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