Friday Favourites

I COMPLETED AND PAID MY TAXES AND I FEEL LIKE A REAL LIFE ADULT. Man, it's weird how much this stuff plays on your mind without you realising. I have been SO stressed lately but the second I completed my tax return and realised I could actually pay it this year... Oh baby. It felt like a literal elephant had been lifted off my shoulders. All my drive, inspiration and happiness came back almost immediately. How was your week? :D

Here are some things I've been enjoying!

I finally decided to watch Tokyo Ghoul! I often don't prioritise watching anime and I'm not sure why because I do love them. With subs, of course I need to dedicate my full attention to it, so maybe that's the reason. For the past few years my 'sit down and focus on a thing' time has been taken up by kpop stuff and Korean dramas, so my to-watch list of other subbed content has just kept getting longer and longer. Now I usually watch dubs if they're available just because it's easier to do something else at the same time, like work or eat. I've had Tokyo Ghoul on my list for so long but all it took was seeing a few moments of it while Brad was watching an episode and I was sold. I instantly fell in love with the world even though it's honestly quite horrible. I came away half way through the first season just feeling sad. I remember I said to Brad, 'It's horrible and it makes me sad but I love it and I can't stop watching... But it's horrible and it makes me sad... BUT I CAN'T STOP WATCHING' hahaha. Some of the characters are stunning, too. I definitely want to have a go at doing Kaneki, Juuzou and Uta looks!

There's also a Tokyo Ghoul live action movie I'd be interested in seeing as well. I know people love to moan about live action adaptations of anime, but I've always looked at them as just bonus content. The manga or anime will always be the best version, but I'm a glutton and won't say no to extras. They're like fanfics, you know? I'm excited to see how they do the makeup and styling for certain characters. I'll get back you when I watch it!

My friend Noodle is arriving later on today and we're having one of our kpop binge sesh weekends. We have lots of Got7 and JBJ goodness to catch up on and a bunch of award shows from the past couple of months, too. We actually have a shared folder on Google Drive where we save all of the shows and videos we want to watch when we next get together... We're solid trash. HAHA. This is my reward for doing so much tax related bullshit this past week.


Might as well do a little health update while I'm here! Brad has a segment on his streams called 'Brad's Ailments' and I think I might steal it from him since I always have something or other nowadays! This week I've had a big flare up of eczema on my face so I've been makeup-less, hence the lack of beauty product mentions here and a video. Most of my finger tips are calloused and/or infected and very very sore because I do 'too many' finger-prick tests when I don't have a sensor in my arm. And finally, I have chronic tonsillitis which comes and goes a couple of times a year and I guess that now is one of those times, as the icing on the sugar-free cake lmao. It's usually mild and only on one side but it's still pretty gross so I won't talk about it too much. ;)

I hope you're all healthy! Have a fab weekend. ♡

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