My mom and brother moved to Brighton today! Well… My brother, Matthew, has been here a few weeks already. He temporarily moved in with me a few weeks back to help me look after Merlin (Brad’s dog) while Brad was away for a few days. Then we decided it would be easier for him to stick around and help with the flat hunt instead of going back home just to come back again straight away. But today was the day they finally moved into their new home!

I haven’t lived close to my mom or brother while being an adult so I think it’s going to be a little weird at first! In my mind, my brother is still a kid, my cat is still a tiny rescue kitten from the RSPCA, and my mom still drives me to school… When in reality my brother has finished college, my cat is old and fat, and my mom would probably love if I could drive her around instead! Time flies. Needless to say I’m pretty excited about having them close again. I’m looking forward to the simple things like popping round for coffee, meal prepping with my mom, cinema trips… I can’t wait.

Since my mom was all the way up in Yorkshire and driving down here or getting a train is quite expensive, Matthew and I have had to do all the work on this end and find a flat for them to live in. Today was actually the first time she got to see the place we picked, aside from photos we’d sent her. I don't think she's 100% sold on it yet, but she's going from owning her own home to renting, so I think it's going to take her a little bit of time to adjust. Especially because she's going from living in a small house in the middle of a field to a flat in a shared building in the middle of a busy town! I have lots of work to catch up on this week and they want to unpack and settle in before we do any exploring, but I can't wait to show them more of Brighton.

Bear has some adjusting to do too! He spent all day hiding under my mom's duvet lol. Bless him. It was so nice seeing his lovely squishy face again! ♡

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