I decided to start a series on my YouTube channel called 'He to She' where I would take a male character and change their look to suit me, a female! Gender is not so simple and black and white so I didn't want to approach this in a stereotypical way so I decided to make it personal and make the characters work for me, my features, body size and shape. This happens a lot in cosplay but hadn't been explored as much on YouTube at the time so it was a fun project to start! 

Khal Drogo always had such a striking look to me which I was obsessed with since the very first time I saw him. Of course I could never recreate his look perfectly because he's super muscly and hairy, and I am... literally the opposite, haha. So I decided I would take aspects of the look I liked to create an inspired character and 'He to She' was born. This is one of my favourite looks I've ever done and I fully intend to revisit it and create a full costume one day.