I think elves are some of the most beautiful fantasy creatures so of course I was excited when my friend Klaire asked about doing an elf collab. (Check out her Dying Elf here!) I'd always dabbled in making costumes and things for my videos but this was the first time I made something and thought, 'Damn. I really want to do more of this'. This is where my interest in cosplay really began. Of course, creating characters with makeup has always been my thing, but I haven't really made full costumes yet.

Say hello to my first piece of armour! This was the first thing I ever made with Worbla and I was, and still am, so proud of it. It looks great for a first attempt but it's honestly so crap and poorly made but I love it. It's falling apart, lasted all of about 5 minutes before the booby cups detached, and it was tied up with cooking string... It's the cutest little disaster.