Mystique is one of those characters that every makeup lover has to try at one point. Just look at her, her look is far too interesting not to! I won't lie, the clean up afterwards is a nightmare but it's so much fun to do. I remember when I filmed this look I ended up finishing filming around 4am. I was living in my mother's house at the time and had to quietly run myself a bath in the bathroom which was right next to her bed!

I remember this was the first time I'd played with prosthetic gelatin and had a go at making prosthetic pieces. Looking back, I can't believe how long it's taken me to find someone to help me make a face cast so I can finally start making bigger prosthetic appliances. I've been chomping at the bit for literally years now!

Here is a really easy and inexpensive way to create the shapes for Mystique's forehead.

This video is really old and I used to speak so fast because I was so nervous but the makeup transformation is probably one of my bigger projects so although I'd love to private the video, I can't bring myself to do it, haha!